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New Perspectives

Part Two: Using Twitter as a Tool for Promotion

Over at, Sherilynn Macale presents statistics that demonstrate that Twitter users are participants in social media, not voyeurs. Over 70% of Twitter users blog, over 60% write product reviews and post comments on news sites, and at least 50% are posting online videos, contributing to wiki sites, and posting articles online for third parties.

She also explains that Twitter users drum up more influence for businesses than Facebook users do.

Twitter is the tool to use for online professionals.

In his TED talk, Clay Shirky explains that media professionals are now involved in two-way communications with media consumers. Web 2.0 is a movement away from professionals who have the only set of keys to the printing press or broadcasting tower. Bloggers are becoming just as influential as mainstream journalists and writers in influencing what people are thinking and talking about.

Because there are now so many voices, and multiple forums where these voices can be heard, Twitter is a tool that allows a journalist or blogger to advertise his or her voice, and to get a foot in the door as they say, into the conversations that are happening.

Some bloggers and Twitter users will enter the realm of social media and rise quickly to the top because of the name they have made for themselves on the outside. But others can make a name for themselves and gain a following by offering insightful thinking and commentary on the world through the use of Twitter.

Twitter needs to be seen as a realm of reality that a blogger or journalist ignores at their peril. If you want your next post or article to become part of a larger conversation, then you have to be a part of the social realm that is carrying on the conversations.

As a professional journalist or writer, your audience can now be so much larger through mediums like Twitter. Someone writing for a local newspaper can, through Twitter, have an audience well outside the range of the paper’s distribution. A simple tweet can inform followers of a new article or blog post, driving more of an audience to your writing, and to your organization.

The power of a tweet goes further than that. reports that “Google is now indexing twitter pages.” Bloggers can now increase their online presence and influence through their repeated use of Twitter.

It’s important to point out that Twitter isn’t just about what you tweet; it’s also about who and what you are following. The people and sites you follow are a reflection of who you are willing to engage in conversations with. Twitter can be used as a networking tool to further your profession. Whatever your focus is as a blogger, there will be others out there with a shared interest. Use Twitter to see what they are thinking and talking about.


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